Post-Florida Syndrome (part 1)

My parents came for 3 months and that’s the reason I stopped blogging for a while, being all touristy with the fam.

I didn’t know how emotionally and physically attached I am to my family until they left right before New Year’s Eve on the 30th of Dec. Being the only daughter and the eldest do make a difference, especially when I left home at a young age to study. I thought that ‘phase’ was gone but a parent-daughter bond can never be broken at any age, even.

So, I was sad to see them go, hopefully still seeing them for my graduation this year. (I’m graduating, guys!) Soooo excited, but scared to face the future as well.

Here’s why I’m having a weather depression. My mum came to State College while it was snowing, they met Mr Fresh Snow. Not that super cold, but cold enough to make the bottled water in your car freezes kind of thing. But Florida, though, the weather was awesome, warm, but not too warm, windy but chill. Ahhh I don’t know how to describe it, pretty much like Malaysia’s weather, adding some NY winter weather to it, mix it up together, but lastly, putting some ice cubes, just to make it a so-so temperature feels. Get it? Like usual, my mom cannot stand the cold in PA, she freaks out and hid herself in the hotel room until it was time to head south. Oh, my dad had the time of his life, driving around in the minivan while it was heavily snowing, he had fun, I assume. Although I did not tell him how dangerous it was, nonetheless, everything was fine, thankfully.

So, our family road trip begin, we drove down south and made stops in DC, Savannah, and finally Orlando! What a relief, I was starting to develop feelings of knocking my brothers’ head when he asks “Are we there yet?” every hour before arrival.

All in all, we had our typical family vacation with bits of hiccups along the way, and THAT is what I feel like blogging because, let’s face it, you don’t wanna know everything that happened because you can google most of it. We basically when to the most tourist-y place you can imagine. So, the next post will be focused on how things didn’t go as planned, even though I swear Hafid made 100% sure that everything would be perfect. Lol. (He’s a tad bit OCD with travel planning I swear, we can break into an argument if something goes wrong along the way!)



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